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Phyllis Jean Newsletter, Issue #011 -- Sale!
January 10, 2011

Only 7 Days Left!!

Huge Sale! Check Below!

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January 10 Issue #11

~Table of Contents~

--New Slide Show!

--Sale Sale Sale!

--Made in the USA ~Read This~

--Let us know: Give us your feedback

New Slide Show

See our new slide show on our home page.

We hope to have new pictures of our clothes taken, maybe by the same photographer...what do you think?

Sale Sale Sale!!!

We were told there is no ending date on our last newsletter on our SALE of 30% OFF STOREWIDE. Promo code: 2011sale

Well get your orders in quick because it does end on January the 17th.

If you have tried our ten gore skirt in denim or corduroy and love it, the why not try it in Tencel? Tencel is a great fabric to use when making a skirt.

It drapes nicely, is a great weight, can be a little dressier, and is MACHINE WASHABLE! Usually this fabric can be priced pretty high.

It is much harder to find than your every day fabrics. We are offering it at a great price all the time, but it is an excellent deal when you apply the 30% off.

Stock up for spring, or wear it now!

Click here to check out our Tencel Skirts.

Made in the USA

More and more people are realizing the importance of supporting businesses here in America. A few of our customers have commented on this issue to us.

A comment from a newer customer~

“To think of all the money I have wasted on uncomfortable, straight skirts with slits. These clothes are so comfortable, I could sleep in them! I am literally replacing all my skirts with your beautifully, modest 10 gore skirts. Your feminine blouses are also a joy to wear. With all the details and effort put into making these clothes, I feel very special when wearing them. Your modest clothing is the answer to my prayers. P.S. And they are made in America!” Kim R.

We have submitted our company to be listed on the website. It is a place to find other companies providing jobs to Americans. It is an important thing to try and “Buy Local”.

"Americans should buy American made products. This is true because once Americans start buying more American goods the demand for them will increase.

"As a result of the rising demand, more factories or plants will be developed. Many good job opportunities will then be available. Not only will the manufacturers benefit, openings in higher paying fields will increase.

"A few of these include the engineers of the building and the plumbing and construction companies. Hence when all this is put into action many Americans will be on better economic standing.

"That means they will once again have high buying power. Rising profits for American base business and their employees will take place. All of this combined will keep the U.S economy and its citizens financially healthy."

Thank you all for subscribing and we will see you again next month.

If you have any feedback you would like to share with us we would be happy to hear it. Simply reply to this newsletter.

Thank You,
Phyllis Jean and company

The quotes or articles we use throughout our web site and in our newsletter are relevant to modesty and other interesting topics.

We do not necessarily agree with everything the author has to say or what they believe.
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