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August 25 Issue #16

~Table of Contents~

--Fantastic Comments! ~A Must Read~

--Cotton Slips, three facts to remember!

--Refer a Friend!

--Let us know: Give us your feedback

Fantastic Comments

Sometimes instead of us spreading the word about our products it is nice to let others chime in and speak their minds.

Please feel free to send a comment by replying to this newsletter! And thank you to all who have said such lovely things about our products and store.

Hello, I just wanted to write and say thank you for your wonderful MODEST fashions. I have been searching for skirts and blouses that are modest and comfortable. I recieved my order the other day and was overjoyed. I am so impressed with the material quality and how well constructed your clothing is. Again, Thank you very much. I'm placing my second order today. Thank you, Cheri

I am so excited to have found your store, recommended to me by a Catholic friend who also dresses modestly. She tells me that your white blouses are actually opaque! Katherine

Got my package today. Hey your Dusters are absolutely comfy!! The shirts are beautiful!!!! Thank you once again. I will order some more Dusters soon. I love it!!! Jeannie

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Cotton Slips

Why are our slips different? Three reasons...

--100% Cotton. Many slips are made out of uncomfortable nylon or polyester, and that is huge when adding a second layer to your skirt!

--Unique A-Line Design. This beneficial aspect of our slip ensures LESS unwanted bulk around the waist.

--Lace Trim. Added time and effort to make this slip not just any slip, but a Phyllis Jean slip you will not want to pass up.

Check them out at

Refer a firend

Okay so here are the details. Simply refer a friend and make some money...hmm that is not much for details!

Have your referral tell us who referred them, and we will make sure to add a $5 credit to your account. So if you have not set up an account yet, please do so, so we can give you your deserved credit!

Referral suggestions...

--Talk about us! --Forward this Newsletter! --Text about us!...not while driving, but feel free to pull over. --Buy a blouse, and show them why you bought it!

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The quotes or articles we use throughout our web site and in our newsletter are relevant to modesty and other interesting topics.

We do not necessarily agree with everything the author has to say or what they believe.

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