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Phyllis Jean Newsletter, Issue #020 -- Still Working!
August 24, 2012

Still Working

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January 10 Issue #11

~Table of Contents~

Still working

Back to School

Hard to Believe...Colder Weather is Coming!

Still Working

This New Store is Harder Than We Thought

It will be worth the work. We will be able to offer daily deals and great promotions. We have the data transferedand are waiting on the images. All this take more time than expected, but isn't that usually the way!

Back to School

Have you already started the new school year? We start next week.

It's fun getting new school supplies and starting out fresh again.

Did you get a few new clothes for the new year? Don't forget to add a few new blouses and bloomers to the list.

Are you homeschooling? Do you have your childern wear a uniform at home? Try our flowy and feminine denim jumpers giving your girls great coverage. They are versitle and sturdy, and wash well too!

Colder Weather is Coming!

After all the heat waves have past it'll be time for the wonderful season of Fall. Cooler days and fun fall activities. If you live near an orchard or pumpkin patch take advantage of what they have to offer visitors this time of year. It is a lot of fun being able to pick your own produce.

With a chill in the air during some of these activities we have you covered. One of our best selling products are our bamboo leggings. They are great for keeping your legs warm while wearing a skirt. Much easier to manage than tights and also have the added plus of being made with natural fibers, you'll need a few to get you through the cooler seasons.

Don't forget about the bamboo under blouse and the little girls bamboo turtlenecks too!

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Phyllis Jean and company

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