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Phyllis Jean Newsletter, Issue #024 Customer Service
February 13, 2013

A Short Story...

January 10 Issue #11

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Customer Service

Elastic Waist Bands

Denim Skirts on Their Way

Young Ladies Dresses


Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to share an experience I had the other day. We were having a small computer issue. I called the company thinking it would be a quick fix. About forty minutes later after sitting on hold for most of the time the lady sends me an email saying it's not her companies fault. Now after forty minutes of waiting, with no solution, I am supposed to do it all again with another company!

Well I explained the problem to our computer guy and he had it quickly solved in about 20 minutes.....and he doesn't even work for the company!!!

I am just sharing this with you to vent, and to say we will always try to give you great customer service. This lady is an employee who will get a paycheck either way. There may be no incentive for her to be a little friendlier, help the company to succeed, and strive to get a good review from her boss.

You probably see this a lot when you are out and about going to different stores. When you are treated well at a store it makes you want to share your experience with your friends and family, and send more business their way.

Or, if they treated you poorly with little regard for your time or any interest in helping you with what you need you will also share that info with the people you know, but this time it might be a warning to take their business somewhere else!

Customer service matters and we will strive to continue giving you great customer service!!

Elastic waist Bands

Elastic waist bands

There are a few benefits to having an elastic waist band in your skirt. Elastic is used in children’s clothing, adults clothing, and maternity clothes. The elastic provides comfort and utility. There are different ways to have the waist band put into your clothes. We use a good quality elastic that does not roll. The factory surges the elastic in and then sews the other side down. It’s in there good and snug! There are many reasons why elastic is so comfortable to have as a waistband. You can still wear the skirt if you put on a little extra weight. If you have just had a medical procedure it’s nice to be able to wear non restrictive clothing. It moves with the contours of your body when you are pregnant or really any time. I try and buy pants with the full elastic waist for my son (age 2 ) because the pants with snaps and a zipper seem to really pinch at his tummy. I also prefer these elastic skirts we offer for myself. After having children my stomach is not the same as before children and I can really appreciate the forgiving nature of elastic! When women wear clothes around their waist that are too tight and restrictive it can restrict blood flow around their waist and can also make it harder to breathe. No thanks!

You won’t have that feeling of wanting to change into something more comfortable after work or just at the end of your day in these skirts. We had a lady tell us our skirts are so comfortable she could sleep in them.

It is advised to find a skirt that gives you room to breathe but doesn’t fall off your hips. Well we have just the skirt. The elastic waist bands in our skirts can help your body look slimmer and help the clothes look better on you. So don’t just take my word for it try one on today (or as soon as the mailman brings one to you)!

Denim Skirts

The new denim skirts may be available for purchase as early as next week! Enough said :)

Little Girls Dresses

We hope to have the the little girls dresses in the middle of March. These dresses will be a huge hit with your daughters, grandaughters, nieces, or as a gifts for friends!

Thank you all for subscribing and we will see you again next month.

If you have any feedback you would like to share with us we would be happy to hear it. Simply reply to this newsletter.

Thank You,
Phyllis Jean and company

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