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Phyllis Jean Newsletter, Issue #039 New Look To Our Site
May 02, 2013

Check Out Our New Web Site

May 2 Issue #39

~Table of Contents~

A New Web Site Design

New Blouses

Who's Interested In Dying?


New Web Site

It's time, after about four years we've gone ahead and got a "face lift" Thanks to A. Fiefer, and her mom, for letting us know about her talent...we have our web site updated and a new look too!

I hope you enjoy the new look amd design. I hope to get in action and learn how to do a bit more of the computer programming myself here. We've all been sick with a seemingly never ending cold, so the task seems a little much right now.It can't go on forever though and I am looking forward to adding more pages and articles of interest regarding modest clothes and other related issues.

The New Blouses Are Being Sewn!

Are we all ready for a few new blouses?

They are almost done! Sometimes we have to wait awhile for the factory to get to us, but this time they were ahead of us!

Once we get the blouses here we can quickly get them up for sale. We have two solid colors and one with a print. There have been quite a few requests for solids over the years and we hope to have them here in a few weeks!

Just a note about the blouse fabrics.

We usually cut everything on the bolt at once. Once the print is sold out that's it, unless it is a staple at the fabric suppliers there is no way to get that print again. So if you like a print don't delay get it before it's gone!!

Who's Interested In Dying?

We still have lots of white fabric left over from bloomers and things.

In the past people have asked if they could dye the white blouse we have for sale. You cannot because the factory uses polyester thread which will not pick up the dyes. You you be left with all white seems!

Now I know that every once in a blue moon you find a skirt you may like as much as our ten gore...but you can't find a blouse to match. There is the problem. Now we may have the solution!

We are going to have a few blouses made up and then we will dye them to see how the fabric takes to it and if there is any noticable shrinkage. We are not going to be dying these professionally like we did with the lovely tencel skirts. These will be done at home just like you would be doing if you are interested.

So please let us know by responding to this email how many of you would like this to be an option on our store!!

Little Girls and Young Ladies Dresses

The young ladies dresses have been counted. We still need to make a size chart and photograph them...and price them. Then we will add them to our web site and our store. I should be getting some help with that this coming week so check back in with us to get a few for your daughters!

Thank you all for subscribing and we will see you again next month.

If you have any feedback you would like to share with us we would be happy to hear it. Simply reply to this newsletter.

Thank You,
Phyllis Jean and company

The quotes or articles we use throughout our site and in our newsletter are relevant to modesty and other interesting topics.

We do not necessarily agree with everything the author has to say or what they believe.
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