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Phyllis Jean Newsletter, Issue #043 News From Phyllis Jean
October 14, 2013

Customer Feedback

October 14 Issue #43

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Customer Feedback

What's it Worth


Customer Feedback

Hi I just received my first order from you and I am very pleased. The skirts are fabulous! I really liked the white twill blouse as well....I've never seen clothes as well made as yours.

Elizabeth G.

This new customer also was wondering if we take custom orders. We work with a factory in San Francisco CA. They like to work with large batches and do not take custom orders. We would love it if they did :)

What's It Worth?

Recently I was in a thrift store and I came across their maternity section. There wasn't much to look at but I did see a soft dress I thought might work. It was one of the big name maternity clothing providers. The dress was priced around $7.50 but had been marked down to $1.50. That's a pretty good deal right?

I tried the dress on at home. Here we go again! The company had made the hole for the head extra wide so they didn't have to add a zipper or buttons. So that requires wearing a shirt under. The fabric was very soft but didn't wash well and so it looked very crumply and the sleeves shrunk up. The skirt part wasn't as full as I like either. I also looked like I was wearing a maternity gown in all one print. When you come to the ending part of pregnancy too much of any fabric is never a good thing :)

So what is that dress now sitting in my closet worth to me? About a dollar fifty!!

To be happy and comfortable with what your wearing all throughout your pregnancy click on the link to see what we offer. Click Here To See Our Maternity Clothes


It's that time of the year the weather is changing and perhaps you are thinking how am I going to stay warm and wear a skirt throughout the cooler months?

The answer is Bamboo! We've got you covered here. There are pretty colored leggings and more subtle, but still pretty colored underblouses.

The pieces will be a great addition to your wardrobe. The leggings are easy to put on and take off. If you are going into a heated building it's so nice to be able to take your leggings off. They are light enough to fit in your purse until you are ready to brave the cold again.

Our pattern was created by a lady who used to design ski wear. She knows just how to get a great fit without having a ton of extra baggy fabric added to the garment!

Click here to see our Bamboo Products

Thank you all for subscribing and we will see you again next month.

If you have any feedback you would like to share with us we would be happy to hear it. Simply reply to this newsletter.

Thank You,
Phyllis Jean and company

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