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Phyllis Jean Newsletter, Issue #042 News From Phyllis Jean
September 02, 2013

Keep Your Clothes Looking Nicer Longer

August 23st Issue #42

~Table of Contents~

New Page Added to Our Website

Corduroy Skirts

A Hold On Our Solid Blouses

New Page

I've recently added a new page to our web site(see hyperlink below). It includes tips on how to keep your clothes looking nice, and extending the life of your garments.

Did you know if you add a dab of nail polish on the button threads it'll keep from unraveling? Some of the tips will even save you a little money! Click here to see the tips.

Corduroy skirts

Did you know we offer corduroy skirts? Fall is coming and cooler weather is right around the corner. Not for those of us living down south though...we are going to be starting another growing season!

It is hard to find corduroy skirts without slits, but we have them. No back pockets either...just a nice full skirt with fine wale cords(the thin lines) These skirts come in a variety of colors to match your fall blouses and sweaters. Some of the inventory is getting pretty low so get your orders in soon before the fall/winter rush comes. Click Here To See Our Corduroy Skirts

The Solid Blouses

We had the blouses made up in two solid colors but we have stopped production on them for the time being. They needed to be redyed and we are just not ready to put any more money into that project right now. I know some of you were really looking forward to solid blouse colors....maybe in the future we will get it started up again.

Thank you all for subscribing and we will see you again next month.

If you have any feedback you would like to share with us we would be happy to hear it. Simply reply to this newsletter.

Thank You,
Phyllis Jean and company

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