Clothing Care 

The clothes you buy from us are an investment, something you want to take pride in and enjoy wearing. They are well constructed with all the details thought out.

When we were first starting this business we were collecting comments to put on the web site. An older woman we talked to told us that, "These are the kind of clothes you take care of."

I thought that was kind of an odd statement at the time and never did add it to the site. After thinking about it more it makes a lot of sense. Our society has turned into the land of too much. We buy things on a whim and if they get ruined it's not that big of a deal beecause, well ,it wasn't that great of a blouse to begin with. We tend to buy things because the world of fashion says thats the in color of the season. Nevermind the fact that you never did look good in eggplant!

We don't have to be subject to what is trendy in the stores this season. Our store offers a classic look that can be mixed and matched with just about anything!

If you are interested in saving yourself money and time, by keep your clothes clean and in good condition here are some helpful tips….

When you first get your new blouse get a bit of clear nail polish and dab some on the thread of the buttons. This will help seal the threads.

Clothing Care Tips

Keep your clothes on a hanger when you aren't wearing them.

Something you have heard a lot when you were a child, “Lean over when you take a bite!” When you lean over you are proactively preventing spills from happening.

If you do get something spilled on your blouse dab ice or seltzer water on the stain as soon as possible! This will hopefully prevent the stain from setting. You can also try a little liquid dish soap on the stain. The soap is meant to break up grease on dishes and sometimes works wonderfully on clothes as well.

When washing your clothes wash like colors together. Keep whites separate and don’t use harsh soaps that might eat away at the fabrics. There are many natural whitening products available on the market today that are gentle on clothes and better for our environment too! Did you know before bleach was invented people used to whiten their whites with a lemon juice and salt mixture and of course the sun.

Dryers are very hard on clothes. Have you ever stopped to think about where all that dryer lint is coming from? It’s slowly being taken from your clothes! It is best to dry clothes on a line or even just hanging them on a clothes rack inside if drying outside is not an option. Drying use a lot of electricity so you will also be saving a bit of money by using alternative drying options.

If you do use a dryer try not to leave the clothes in longer than necessary. When the clothes are dry take them out as soon as possible and hang them up right away. Button the top button so the blouse doesn’t hang unevenly or fall off and get left in a crumpled mess on the floor. This will also help your closet look more organized.

Sometimes clothes are washed too often. If they aren’t really dirty it’s okay to wear them again. Think of the olden days when the clothes had to be hand washed…they probably tried to stretch out the times between washings!

Another tip to keep your clothes lasting long is to keep them ironed. Just think about the place that looks the most worn on a pair of men's jeans is the part down at the hem that is often wrinkled. Just keep your clothes ironed for longer wear.

If you are packing away seasonal items wash them first. Moths are attracted to body smells and you may get an unpleasant surprise when you unpack them the following year. You can put a few pieces of cedar in with the clothes to discourage moths from getting near. If your cedar pieces aren’t fragrant anymore just get a bit of sandpaper and rub it on the wood a few times to release the natural moth repealing smell. The sanding opens the wood’s pores.

Teach your children these clothing care tips to learn how to take good care of their clothes. Refer especially to an earlier tip concerning leaning over.

Children should also know which clothes are for play and which ones are for dressing up.

Wear an apron!! Do not skip this step!!  Have you ever noticed how one of your blouses starts to look if you don’t wear an apron? You get a dingy stain right where you lean over to wash the dishes and foods may splatter right on you while cooking.

Ever wonder what color to wear? Check out this article about what to wear for some great ideas!

Thinking about Clutter?

Read about how to fix that closet mess!

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