Girls Long Skirts

These girls long skirts are our standard 10 gore skirt in junior skirt sizes that are perfect for your little girl. Check out the sizing chart below to find the perfect fit for her. Having an elastic waist skirt is perfect for a growing young lady. 

The benefit of modest clothing is that it helps young ladies retain their sense of feminine nature.

Available in Denim and Green cotton and Corduroy!

Denim Long Skirt

These tall denim skirts are perfect for every day wear. They are the classic, standard skirt. Easily washable and comfortable all year around, your daughter will soon choose this as her favorite skirt.

Made out of 100% cotton this skirt will keep your daughter cool even during the warmest parts of summer. The length will keep her legs protected from getting sunburned which in the long run will keep her cooler as well.

Pink Dots blouse with the denim long skirt

Girls Blouse shown above and below in Pink Dots.

Available in other fabrics as well!

Pink Dots blouse with the denim long skirt
Denim Long Skirts
Denim Long Skirts

Approximate Size Chart and Pricing
Size 10 12
Approx. Waist Range 23-25" 25.75-27.75"
Relaxed Elastic Waist Measurement 22" 23"
Standard 28" 29"
Long 33" 34"
Price $35.00 $35.00

Green Cotton Skirt

This limited edition cotton skirt with pockets is a must have. 

Cool comfortable cotton in a versatile green color can be mixed and matched with a variety of the blouses we offer.

These discount skirts are a staple that will greatly increase the versatility of your wardrobe!

Green Cotton Skirts

Approximate Size Chart and Prices
Size 3XS 2XS XS S M
Ideal Waist Range 23-25" 25.75-27.75" 27.75-29.75" 29.75-31.75" 31.75-33.75"
Long 32" 33" 34" 35" NA
Short 28" 29" 30" 31" 32"

Now on clearance for $20.00!

Girls Long Skirts In Corduroy

This corduroy skirt is available in a variety of colors, from the standards like Maroon, Brown and Navy Blue, to fun and colorful skirts in Amethyst and Turquoise!

These are easily dressed up or down. In 100% cotton corduroy these corduroy skirts are soft and flowy. The fullness of the skirt is perfect for your active girl.

Maroon Corduroy Skirt with blouse in  Butterfly Garden

Click on images to view larger!

Maroon Corduroy Skirt with blouse in  Butterfly Garden

Skirts without pockets come in these colors:

  • Brown
  • Navy Blue
  • Maroon

Skirts with side seam pockets come in these colors:

  • Camel
  • Amethyst Purple
  • Graphite Gray
  • Turquoise

Approximate Size Chart and Prices
Size 3XS 2XS
Ideal Waist Range 23-25" 25.75-27.75"
Long 32" 33"
Short 28" 29"
Prices $35 $35

Please Note 

Above is our suggestion on what size to order based on an ideal waist and comfort level. If you would like to decide what might be appropriate for your own body type, please see the chart below for actual measurements of the skirt.

We obtain the relaxed elastic waist measurements by laying the garment out flat and measuring the length of the elastic. This is a useful measurement as you can measure the length of the elastic in a garment that you like and then decide on the slip that comes closest.

Actual Skirt Measurements
Size 3XS 2XS
Relaxed Elastic Waist Measurement 22" 23"

Another option to keeping cool in the summer is to wear a cotton slip. Our cotton half slips pair well with these skirts.

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