Here are some testimonials from people who have ordered from us, and voluntarily offered their comments. They attest to what we are always striving for, modest clothing in an exquisitely feminine style. 

~Thanks so much! Both arrived in good order and the swatches will be a big help with my next purchase :-) 


~I love those blouses so much, they are so comfy. Can't wait to see them. Plus if I like I may order the other new colors you have. Thanks so much! 

God Bless!!

~Hello, I received my order and loved the items! 

Heather M

I got the skirt today and I absolutely love it! Thanks for the quick shipping and great service. 


~Thank you for the help and I will order soon,this is so nice to know I have place to shop for clothes and they look so nice also. As soon as I can I will purchase my first shirt and blouse. May God Bless You Always, 

Mrs Phyllis V

~Hello Jen, The parcel arrived today. The blouses are so beautiful and very well made!! Very modest too. I really like the meadow blouse it fits good.... Rest assured we will be ordering again, the order came quickly. I will order when my husband says I can, I hope this will be soon!! :)) 

God Bless 


I just wanted to let you know that I received my order yesterday, just in time for a very special occassion we were to attend, in which the wearing of your beautiful clothes made it all the more special. 

The clothes are just lovely! My daughter wore her navy blue jumper with the white blouse last night, and I the navy corduroy skirt. How elegant we felt. And the duster is so feminine. Elegance also in the evening! 

My many thanks to you again, and I am in the process of preparing a little 'ad' for our school bulletin, letting the other ladies know of your very modest and beautiful clothing. 

God bless, Marianne Y.

~Good morning, 
Had a look at your website with the lovely modest clothing for ladies and children - do you ship to Australia? Please let us know by return. 

Many thanks, Elizabeth N.

~Got my package today. Hey your Dusters are absolutely comfy!! 
The shirts are beautiful!!!! Thank you once again. 
I will order some more Dusters soon. 
I love it!!! 

God Bless!!! Jeannie

~Dear Phyllis, 
You have some lovely feminine clothes on your website. Do you ship to Australia? 
Thank you very much for your help.

Yours sincerely, Cindy O.


The leggings....arrived today. Thank you very much! I love the leggings, they're so soft, and they have a great fit. I plan to order more. 

All the best, Aurelea

~The blouses showed up yesterday. Thank you, I really like them. 

Lisa B

~Hi-- so, I got my leggings, and they are perfect--was going to contact you the day I got them, a few days ago, but didn't. I am delighted !! 

thanx a lot 
Mari B

~I REALY LIKE MY PURCHASES!! I wish more women would take advantage of modest dressing. 
Yours truly,

Nellie, and happy trails!!

~To think of all the money I have wasted on uncomfortable, straight skirts with slits. These clothes are so comfortable, I could sleep in them! I am literally replacing all my skirts with your beautifully, modest 10 gore skirts. Your feminine blouses are also a joy to wear. With all the details and effort put into making these clothes, I feel very special when wearing them. Your modest clothing is the answer to my prayers. P.S. And they are made in America!

K. Rock

~I received my order Monday and the skirts with pockets are outstanding. The length is PERFECT. I am also so happy about the bamboo leggings. I am going to check to see if my sister in Chicago wants a pair.

~I'd love to try a tencel skirt, as it sounds like a wonderful fabric. BTW, I love the Jennifer blouse that I purchased from you a few months ago. The workmanship is beautiful and strong and worth every penny.

Lisa M

~Your clothes are very beautiful. 


~The skirt arrived. The quality of construction is excellent. 


~Your skirts are beautiful and I will definitely order one. 


~I received your wonderful products in the mail today, and I am very pleased with them. 

Amanda G. 

I just discovered your website, and I love it. Really, and truly. I didn't know there was such a place....Thanks again for an inspiring website. 

Sandra M. 

~Thank you for making beautiful, feminine clothing. 


~Thank you for your quick service and beautiful clothes! The gored denim skirt is perfect -- flattering, comfortable, and well made. 

Amy K. 

~I received the package today and the skirt is gorgeous. It just feels so feminine. .......your blouses are so much better than any of the others in my closet. 

Mary J. 

~Dear Folks at Phyllis Jean, 

Thank you for your prompt and courteous service 

Leslie G.

~By the way, I love my new maternity skirt! It is very nice-- comfortable, modest, and best of all easy to get down and play on the floor with my little ones comfortably (without trying to stay covered). Thank you for providing such nice clothing options. 

Thank you! 


~Dear Phyllis Jean, 

  I love your web site and the items you have for sale.   Thank you for your... clothes! 


~What a beautiful design, great color and it's just what I need at this time in life 

Thank you again for your quick reply. 



I just wanted to write and say thank you for your wonderful MODEST fashions. I have been searching for skirts and blouses that are modest and comfortable. I received my order the other day and was overjoyed. I am so impressed with the material quality and how well constructed your clothing is. Again, Thank you very much. I'm placing my second order today. 

  Thank you, Cheri S.

~The white twill is definitely my "go to blouse" with my patterned skirts and around the house and I would love another one. 

Happy in Maryland

~The women liked the clothing. Specifically, ladies commented favorably on the feminine style of the blouses (sleeves/bows), the color selection of fabrics, and the comfort of the skirts (from a woman who has ordered from you before).

Our girls loved their blouses and wore them during the camp.

We're happy to spread the word about your business. Your products are attractive, well-made, and much-needed to promote true femininity.


~I received the order today and our daughter loves the doll clothes. She especially liked the bloomers and that she had the same ones. She has another baby doll that is about the same size so I will be ordering another doll dress and bloomers for that babydoll. They are really cute!


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