Modest Plus Size Womans Clothing

These elegant plus size womans clothing is made in fabrics that will brighten your day! Made in cool, comfortable cotton, you will feel great wearing these all day, every day!

5 Tips for Plus Size Womans Clothing

Here are some of my thoughts on the best ways to dress to emphasize the vertical which seems to lengthen the body...therefore slimming the shape.

1. Avoid contrasting colors that tend to chop up the body visually.

I prefer to wear clothes that have similar color values. They may be in the same color family or not... as long as they blend well. I much prefer to wear medium value colors together. I sometimes wear darker colors, but generally avoid the lighter ones. Blue denim works very well for me!!!

2. Make the eye go up and down.

Vertical details help to achieve this movement.

Long scarfs,vests, sweaters,and jackets all add vertical movement.Try to avoid too many patch pockets as this only adds bulk. Slanted pocket openings work much better.

Colorful cheerful blouses may be worn under the scarfs, vests, sweaters, or jackets as long as these vertical coverings are of the same color value as the skirt. This keeps the vertical as well as the pretty.

3. A clean classic shape is very flattering.

Princess seams are an old time favorite.  They shape without using darts for a classic look. The side seams can be brought in where needed if desired. Blouses that end around the hips are good for a longer look.  They are also good for modest movement as you can reach and lift without showing your middle area.

 Make sure that your clothes fit. Tight garments are never comfortable, attractive or modest. Garments that are too loose can make one look big as the garment! 

A pleasing length for skirts is around the ankle. A well placed hem shows the thinnest part of the leg. Now that we are here... let's think about shoes.

4. Shoes and accessories.

To keep the look to scale ...avoid small dainty anythings as it will make everything else appear larger.

My favorite style of shoe has a wedge heal. A little heal is good for better posture. We all look and feel better with good posture. I avoid ankle straps on shoes as they tend to visually cut up your leg.

5. Always remember to smile...

Now that the eye has been drawn to the face, keep smiling. You will feel better and so will those that are around you.

Women Plus Size Tops

Click on pictures for larger view! Each blouse has feminine details like lace or a ruffle at the end of the sleeve!

Charlevoix Rose Modest Blouse

Charlevoix Rose

Charlevoix Yellow Modest Blouse

Charlevoix Yellow

Lovely Modest Blouse


Primrose Modest Blouse


Oasis Modest Blouse


Blue Dots Modest Blouse

Blue Dots

Pink Petals Modest Blouse

Pink Petals

Fall Foliage Modest Blouse

Fall Foliage

This Blouse is not as bright as the colors on your screen!

Pink Floral Modest Blouse

Pink Floral

Meadow Flowers Modest Blouse

Meadow Flowers

Notice the ruffles on the collar!

Butterfly Garden Modest Blouse

Butterfly Garden

Pink Dots Modest Blouse

Pink Dots


Autumn Leaves

Spring Bouquet

Plus Size Denim Skirts

This is our popular denim skirt in plus size. There are no side pockets which can sometimes add to a bulkier look. It's long design gives a slimmer appearance.

Size Chart
Size XL 2XL
Waist Range 36.5-38.5" 38.75-40.75"
Length 39.5" 40"

Please Note: Above is our suggestion on what size to order based on an average waist and comfort level. If you would like to decide what might be appropriate for your own body type, please see the chart below for actual measurements of the skirt. 

We obtain the relaxed elastic waist measurements by laying the garment out flat and measuring the length of the elastic. This is a useful measurement as you can measure the length of the elastic in a garment that you like and then decide on the slip that comes closest.
Actual Skirt Measurements
Size XL 2XL
Relaxed Elastic Waist Measurement 32" 34"

Plus Size Slip

Are you looking for a plus size slip? Cotton slips can be hard to find but we have you covered. Our long slips are comfortable to wear and definitely get the job done.

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