Why to wear natural fiber.

by Annabeth Eve Parker-Jamieson

"Our concerns today regarding what we put in our bodies and how we control and/or maintain a healthful interior and exterior living environment, ought to also include what we wear. Our skin as our largest human organ requires very little in order to continue to function well.

The primary needs of skin include; hydration, protection from too much sunlight, protection from extremes in temperature, and the capacity to ‘breathe’ naturally by means of exchange of temperature with the environment and by releasing surface moisture, or perspiration.

Wearing clothing made from synthetic fibers no longer allows the natural heat-regulating processes of our skin to function easily. Polyesters, acetates, latex, nylon and blends of these and other artificial fibers create an unnatural condensation of moisture on the inside surface of the fabric, and therefore on the surface of the skin, which is why we feel ‘sweaty’ sometimes when we wear them.

Natural fibers do not interfere with our own human cooling and/or warming system. Wearing clothing from cotton, organic cotton, hemp, linen/flax, silk, ramie, wool, rayon, tencel and/or blends of these fibers, is therefore a much more healthy and more comfortable choice (which may sometimes require proper layering in extreme weather conditions.)

Those of us who are at the stage of life where we are often experiencing "our own personal summer", or "hot flashes", truly appreciate the comfort of natural fibers perhaps more than most.

Individuals who have undergone chemotherapy and/or radiation treatments find natural fibers much more comfortable to wear next to their extremely sensitive skin."

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