The Garden is Here to Help

Produce from the garden can help keep you cool.

Are you growing some cucumber in your garden? When it is ready to be picked don’t put it all in your salad, save some for your forehead!

Someone suggested keeping the cucumber in the fridge. When your feeling rather warm take a thin slice of cucumber and put it on your forehead(I guess this depends on how hot you are!) It is supposed to work right away.

Another idea is to use some mint. Mint lotions, soaps, and powders have a nice cooling affect on your body. If you have mint growing in your garden you could take a few leaves and make a little tea too.

Some of you may be thinking, why don’t they just turn on the air conditioning? Well we are out in California. Most houses around us don’t have air conditioning.

We have all told ourselves, summer after summer, we don’t really need it! The coastal fog will roll on in and cool us down.

Unfortunately, sometimes we have waited quite a while for our "good 'ol friend the fog" to roll in. So some of these tips should help to cool us down while we wait :)

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