What to Wear

Deciding what to wear can be a challenge.

There have been many books and articles written on the topic what to wear. Here are some fun tips to help you choose the best colors for you!

The colors you wear can convey different messages.

Wearing dark colors convey authority and power.

If you have the knack for mixing colors it portrays creativity.

But what do certain colors mean to people?

Red can be a pick you up and get you going kind of color.  It is the stand out color. Depending on what shade you are wearing it can mean different things. Burgundy conveys sophistication. Blue/red conveys assertiveness. Someone who is lively may choose an orange/red blouse(check out our Fall Foliage Blouse)

Orange draws attention and energy but it is a little more soothing than red.  If orange is your color wearing it can put you in a positive energetic mood.

Blue can help you relax.If  you want a color to help lower your blood pressure try a lovely shade of blue. Blue is associated with trust worthiness, strength and dependability.

Pinks convey an open heart. When wearing pink you may seem approachable and loving. It is also a uniquely feminine color. (We offer a variety of pinks from blouses to bamboo.)

Young ladies dress and Ladies Blouse shown in Pink Petals

Still Not Sure What to Wear? Read On...

Wearing yellow displays warmth and optimism. A little piece of sunshine throughout the day! We have a lovely tencel blouse in a softer yellow. Keep a little sunshine with you in the winter months toowear with our fun and fancy bamboo leggings. Modest clothing and fashionable what could be better!

What do you think of when you see purple? How about royalty ? Anytime you are needing a confidence boost or wanting to look more mature purple is the go to color.

White reflects light and is associated with peace, innocence, and simplicity.  Wearing white enlivens any of the other colors  that you are wearing with it.  We have a very soft bamboo under blouse.  The sleeves are longer than most t-shirts.  This eliminates the problem of the upper arm looking funny when a t-shirt is needed under some rather sheer blouses.

 Gray is a neutral color  It can show a lack of confidence or a lack of energy.  It is good for those gray days..We do not offer gray...but I still wear it as a good go with anything neutral.

 Black is a very popular color.  It can be elegant. Many women just feel thinner by wearing black. It goes with about anything.  Many times a garment that does not sell in the hot new color of the season will be overdyed black.  This will make the garment much more saleable. 

Last but not least is my favorite…green. The color green is closely linked to the environment. Just seeing the color can help you feel relaxed and refreshed. Green is also a versatile color that can be worn by almost everyone. We offer a very soft, ankle length skirt in a sturdy tencel fabric.

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